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March 9th Mass

Date: February 28, 2014 Speaker: Father Joe

In case anyone was wondering, the Mass celebrating St. Cecilia on March 9th will be bilingual.

When I mentioned to various people that it would have to be, considering that we will need to have only one Mass on that particular Sunday, in each and every case I was cautioned about the probable negative reaction people would have to a bilingual Mass. My only response could be, “Are you kidding me? Do people not know what the word ‘Catholic” means? Do they not actually listen to the Gospel they come to hear, if not the homily? Do they not believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and that what He says, goes?” Obviously, to these questions, the answer must be, “No.”

I actually refuse to believe this. Truly I do. We are a good parish, full of sincere, honest people trying to do the Lord’s will through all the muck of living our daily lives in today’s world. While I am sure there is a person or two out there who lives an “in one ear, out the other” lifestyle when it comes to Christ, the Gospels and what’s supposed to be their faith, I am convinced that the vast majority of us love Christ far more than we love even our own thoughts. That, I believe with my whole heart, because I see it week in, week out.

The problem, I think, is that those of us, who care about getting into heaven, the 99.9% of us, are just simply quiet about it. We plug away at doing the right thing, and that’s that. It’s the unsettled person who’s wheel squeaks louder and louder until they get the attention they desire. The “misery loves company” sort of thing. But their unsettled nature is not resolved, no matter what direction they focus their energies, because they are leaving Christ out of their lives despite the pietistic act of sitting in a pew while Mass is going on. They often hold onto legalism and pretend it’s faith. The rest of us need to know that: that there will never be anything that can calm the unsettled until they allow that Christ is the Son of God and that we must actually do what He says if we want to get into Heaven.

To the 99.9%, I ask of you two things: first, welcome our Hispanic members who are already tentative and unsure being immersed in a community whose language and culture is foreign; and second, either ignore or instruct the unsettled.

To those who might object, I am sure there are some churches out there that preach hate. Enjoy yourself.

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