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Doubt and Faith

Date: January 26, 2014 Speaker: Father Joe

You may not hear a priest say this very often, but I like doubt. It’s one of the deepest and most powerful expressions of our humanity. I don’t think we would be human if we didn’t recognize the role doubt plays in our lives, and it’s essential element in our spiritual life.

Sometimes we can be so afraid of doubt that we try to dominate our spiritual life, trying to remain in control. A most common expression of this is when we look down on people who think differently. If our faith were secure we would not look at them with suspect or feel uncomfortable in their presence. Another common expression of this is the desire to remain just where we are, not delving deeper into our faith whether in knowledge or in action.

Once we get let go of our need to control everything, which is the strength behind doubt’s power over us, we can begin to recognize our own frailty especially when it comes to faith.

You see, it’s not doubt that is the issue, rather it is what we do with the doubt. Do we give it power and control over our thought processes or do we see it for what it truly is: our weakness and insecurity trying to dominate us and influence our sense of self preservation, trying to keep us right where we are.

Do we let go of our fear of letting go (which keeps us in firmly entrenched in doubt) and jump into the wild waters of trust in the words of the Son of God? Or does doubt, or our fear of doubt, relegate the words of our Savior to just nice suggestions so we don’t actually have to live them? I think the rise of atheism can be attributed to people who relegate the words of Christ to just nice suggestions. Certainly their children will see no point faith could play in their lives.

Doubt sees the obstacles; Faith sees the way. Doubt sees the darkest night; Faith sees the day.

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