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About Us

Father Joseph Lody

Fr. Joe Lody

May the Peace of the risen Christ be with you and all your loved ones!

It has been said that faith is love expressing itself.  If this is true, and I do believe it to be, you may see even in our little community the many and varied expressions of the love that proclaims vividly the lived faith of St. Cecilia parish.

We spring from the very humble beginnings of a missionary priest who rode the railroads in 1902, celebrating Mass with Catholics gathered in each town he stopped in.  A few decades later the first actual church building was built to accommodate the burgeoning Catholic community of five families! Over one hundred years, three buildings and a bunch more people later, we are in our frail humanity a visible and respected presence of the Works of Mercy in our community.  I have yet to meet a more involved Ladies Altar Sodality, and we just might have the strongest and most active Knights of Columbus council in the Southeast!  This is even more impressive when given that we are roughly 175 families and only about 2% of the local population!

It is truly a pleasure to extend a warm welcome to the St. Cecilia Parish website.  If you happen nearby, please join us for Mass and some companionship.

Fr. Joe Lody